For a network of international resistance

On March 24th, we held an international meeting where different political organisations, individuals and community members from different parts of the world came together to share experiences and reflections on what it means to care for people and communities in contexts of war, conflict and political violence.

We would like to thank everyone for their effort, generosity and time for this collective and international project: Fikret Çalağan from Ata Soyer Sağlık ve Politika Okulu, Davide Grasso, Ian Parker and Luke Manzarpour from the Red Clinic in UK, Samah Jabr from Palestine, Mariela Rodriguez from Cuba, Graciela Painelaf from Wallmapu, Comité Cerezo from Mexico, Pedro Madero and Beto Paredes from the Santa Maria Ostula community in Michoacán.

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